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Typography animation video

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What is typography animation?

Typography animation, otherwise known as kinetic typography, is a technique that uses moving text to present its idea. Coupled with music and effective voice-over, it is simple, yet leaves a lasting impression.

Typography animation videos employ different fonts and creative textual motion in order to get your message across to your clients. There are no complicated narratives or detailed characters involved – however, some explainer videos work best without them.

Using a typography video, you can present your script in a way which is both inventive and understandable. The most important parts of the text are highlighted with the help of eye-catching fonts and animated movements. As a result, your prospective customers receive the exact message that you have intended to send them. They can easily comprehend the script and enjoy the text which has come to life with the help of typography!

Typography Animation Video
Why explainer video

Where and why is typography animation used?

Typography animation videos are extremely popular amongst clients who are looking for a quick and guaranteed result. A purely typographical explainer video is much easier to produce than videos that employ other, more complicated styles. It is important to understand, however, that fast production does not have to mean less impressive results. Whichever video style you end up choosing, our team will make sure that it is just as effective and beautiful as you have intended.

In addition to a compelling script, fitting background music and professional voice-over, typography animation uses rhythm to tell your story. The words on the screen employ the exact fonts and movements that your typography video needs in order to make the script shine.

Turning a script into a video in this way might seem easy at first sight. Nevertheless, it is this simplicity that lies at the core of typography animation. This is why it can only be done right by true professionals. This genius simplicity is also why it is so effective and manages to produce impressive results.

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