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We are Explainer video company

We are explainer video company of young, dedicated and passionate specialists working out of a small country in Northern Europe. Our project managers have years of experience in making sure that the creative efforts of extensive teams combine to produce a beautiful final result. Our illustrators, programmers, voice-over artists and scriptwriters work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are satisfied. We take great pleasure in our work. Not only that, but we can also guarantee that your explainer video will reflect our endless enthusiasm.

If you choose us, your explainer video will be in the hands of true experts of their respective fields.

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About Lithuania

Our explainer video company is located in Lithuania, a small but treasured jewel of Northern Europe. We could hardly be prouder to do business here. This is a land of innovative technologies, lightning-speed internet and qualified specialists who are overwhelmingly multilingual. We can also boast a work ethic that leaves no stone unturned to make our clients satisfied. In other words, you name it, we have it!

This is, perhaps, the biggest benefit of living in and working out of a modestly-sized state like Lithuania. We are small, so the potential of our young, bright, vibrant and extremely driven population becomes more focused and concentrated. Such an exciting bundle of new ideas and big objectives can only result in a wildly ambitious and forward-looking nation.

Lithuania is developing at a surprisingly fast pace. For example, did you know that over the last decade, the internet speed in our country has increased 45 times? Or that Lithuania is now a globally recognised leader of communications technologies? Or that we are currently ranked as the 16th most business-friendly country in the whole world? We have improved our position in this ranking by 5 places in a space of just one year!

For these reasons, and so many more, we are happy to call Lithuania our home. You will surely count your lucky stars for choosing it as the home for your explainer videos as well.