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Frequently asked questions about explainer videos

I need an explainer video. How should I start going about it?

If your business needs an explainer video, you have definitely come to the right place! What you should do now is simply contact us and let us know what your goals are. We will take it from there.

After our dedicated team figures out your exact objectives, the next step on our part will be providing you with an estimated price. If you decide that it fits your needs, we will ask you to sign a video services agreement. You will also have to pay half of the full sum up front. Your project manager, who is responsible for the steady flow of our cooperation, will contact you soon after. This is when the creative process will truly begin.

How do I know which explainer video style suits my brand?

High quality explainer videos can easily boost your conversion rates by a whopping 80%, but our company aims even higher by providing you with numerous video styles to choose from. Each of these is specifically tailored to reach a certain audience and promote just about any type of business that you can imagine.

If you are looking for a clear-cut video explainer which presents a pragmatic visitor with the key aspects of your business, a screencast video is a great choice. Or do you favour a more light-hearted approach that uses humour and storytelling to get your message across? Then cartoon videos are right for you! Whiteboard animation and motion graphics are perfect for explaining complex concepts in a simple and attractive way. Whatever your business goals, we have the strategy to help you along the road to success.

How long does it take to create an explainer video?

An explainer video takes around 4 to 5 weeks to produce. The process of revising it can last just as long. Nevertheless, this is just a rough estimate and you should take it as such. Every explainer video is different, so the length of its production varies as greatly as the needs of our clients.

Can you tell me more about your company?

We are a team of young, dedicated and passionate specialists working out of a small country in Northern Europe. Our project managers have years of experience in making sure that the creative efforts of extensive teams combine to produce a beautiful final result. Our illustrators, programmers, voice-over artists and scriptwriters work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are satisfied. We take great pleasure in our work. Not only that, but we can also guarantee that your explainer video will reflect our endless enthusiasm.

If you choose us, your explainer videos will be in the hands of true experts of their respective fields.

Why should I work with Explainers.LT?

Our company takes pride in what it does – and the pride that we feel is definitely not for nothing. We have helped numerous clients get their message across to their customers and explain the inner workings of their business. Due to our efforts, these businesses have succeeded in impressing their target audience and significantly increased their sales.

Our services produce real, tangible results. We are confident that the success of our clients is the best argument in favour of choosing our company for the job.

What kinds of explainer videos is your company able to produce?

We specialise in adapting to the unique requirements of each of our clients. This means that we are able to offer an extremely wide variety of explainer videos. Our talented illustrators are adept at various illustration techniques, such as whiteboard animation, character animation and motion graphics. If you are looking for something more practical and clear-cut, we can also provide you with high-quality screencast or promotion videos.

It doesn’t matter which industry your business belongs to or what kind of products it is selling. There are various options on the table at Visualforma and one of them will surely fit you just right.

How does the process of feedback and revision work?

Our clients are our main priority, so we take their feedback extremely seriously. We will contact you at each new step along the way, ask for your honest opinion and discuss various options. If you feel that any component of your explainer video needs revising, our team will get straight back to work. We will keep on trying until you give us an unequivocal thumbs-up!

Making an explainer videos is a collaborative process and communication is absolutely key here. For this reason, our team will always encourage you to provide us with constructive feedback. We will perform as many revisions as are needed in order to achieve an amazing final result.

Do I own the rights to the final video?

Yes, absolutely. Once we produce your explainer video, it belongs to you. Afterwards, you can use it in any way that you see fit. The Video Services Agreement contains all of the details about the copyright of your video explainer. Our clients must sign this agreement before we start working on producing their explainer video. We strongly advise you to read it carefully before moving forward with the production process.

What format does the final video take?

Like all of the other elements of our final product, the format of your finished video depends entirely on you. We can deliver it in the most popular and widely used video formats suitable for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social media platform or TV broadcast. If you have any special requirements, all you have to do is let us know.