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What is 3D animation?

3D animation employs innovative computer graphics to reach its target audience. This technique allows animators to create 3D characters that move in three-dimensional environments.

3D videos are one of the latest developments in the field of animation. They are increasingly used for commercial and promotional purposes by various companies too. A 3D explainer video makes its viewers feel like they are taking part in the action. They are able to see characters and objects from different sides. Various components of a 3D video can be rotated, and the viewers are able to zoom in on them.

This technique breathes new life into animated characters and brings them as close to the viewers as they can possibly get. It is a fact that animation can hardly get more immersive than this.

3D Animation Video
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Where and why is 3D animation used?

3D animation is frequently used in promotional and commercial explainer videos. It is perfect for these kinds of videos because it is designed to leave a truly lasting impression. The viewers cannot help but fall in love with the beautiful, surprisingly realistic images on the screen. As our company has already learned, their appreciation of 3D videos quickly translates to an appreciation of your business as a whole.

Sure, there is a lot to get excited about when talking about 3D animation. Nevertheless, we want our clients to know that, just like every other video explainer style, 3D videos are not for everyone. Because the technique is so innovative and takes a long time to be applied in the right way, it is also costly. In fact, it is one of the most expensive animation styles on offer.

For some young and ambitious businesses, such an investment might simply be too big. Making changes to the finished video is also complicated and can result in additional fees, as well as delays. As long as you are aware of these circumstances and can accept them, a 3D video is definitely the right choice. Promoting your company wirh the help of 3D animation is guaranteed to bring in impressive results.

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