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Video testimonials

Explainer video types

What are Video Testimonials?

Another one of our four explainer video types is video testimonials. What distinguishes them from other explainers is their primary goal. A video testimonial is a great way for your company to promote trust amongst your prospective customers. If they have any doubts about whether they should choose your company or not, such an explainer can definitely sway them to your side.

The secret behind the effectiveness of video testimonials is actually really simple. They show real-life people who have used your products or services and are recommending them to others. Testimonial explainers can also feature your employees, partners, or even yourself!

The key to success in this case is presenting the human side of your business. After all, nobody knows your product as well as the people who use it or participate in the process of making it. Such a straightforward marketing strategy can really do wonders for the image of your company. Consequently, an improved image translates into increased sales.

Explainer video testimonials
Explainer Video Types

How to choose the right style for your video testimonial?

Video testimonials are all about creating a personal, human connection between your business and your prospective clients. For this reason, a live action video is more than likely to be your best bet when it comes to video styles. In most cases, simply recording a person speaking about your company is enough. As long as the video has been edited by professionals, it can be surprisingly effective.

Do you want your video testimonial to stand out from the rest? Then you can mix your live action video with other animation styles! Motion graphics is a popular choice, as it can make the video more dynamic and entertaining.

You can also choose to include shots of your product or service being used by your customers. Such a strategy increases the credibility of your business even further. Seeing others using your products will make your future customers more keen to try them out themselves.

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