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Tutorial Videos

Explainer video types

What are Tutorial videos?

Tutorial videos differ from the rest of our four explainer video types. This difference lies in their target audience. Unlike commercial or promotional videos, they are not meant to attract new customers to your business. Instead, they address the existing clients and provide further information or instruction about how a certain product or service works.

Because tutorial videos have unique requirements, the process of making them also differs from the production of other explainer videos. Our team does not need to have an in-depth understanding of your business to produce an amazing tutorial video. There are no lengthy discussions involved. There is also no complex strategic planning. A good tutorial video has to be simple, clear and informative. This is exactly what we focus on when making tutorial explainers.

Once we have figured out how your product or service works, we adapt your chosen video style(s) to this information, write an engaging script and record a fitting voice-over. When all of these elements are done right, this is all you need for a perfect tutorial.

Explainer tutorial Videos
Explainer Video Types

How to choose the right style for your tutorial video?

The goal of tutorial videos is showing your existing customers how your product or service works. By doing that, such a video successfully explains the basic principles behind whatever your company is selling.

A tutorial explainer video has to be straightforward and clear-cut, so there is no need for elaborate animation styles here. In fact, using intricate, impressive animation might work against the purpose of your video in this case. Your customers have to be able to focus on the information that is provided. In contrast, complex visual effects can sometimes be distracting.

We recommend choosing screencast style if your explainer video is concerned with software or other digital tools. Screencast videos will allow you to demonstrate exactly how your software can be operated. On the other hand, live action video with motion graphics works great for tutorial videos that show the production process. Do you want to take your clients behind the scenes of your business? Or perhaps you want to show them how to use your products in real life? Then we can record the whole process, and illustrate your key points with the help of motion graphics! This style has proven to be extremely effective when used in tutorial videos of this nature.

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