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Live action video with motion graphics

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What is live action video mixed with motion graphics animation?

A live action video is recorded using a camera and features real people. Motion graphics, on the other hand, is an abstract animation style. It deals with ideas and uses animated shapes to present them.

Combining such contrasting styles might seem odd at first glance. Nonetheless, we can assure you that it works. Live action video is designed to make your company more relatable. It becomes more appealing to your prospective customers. As it shows real people in real-life environments, the audience identifies with them easily. Consequently, the viewers are open to your message and your sales increase.

Combined with motion graphics, a live action video is even more immersive and informative. The elements of motion graphics can explain complicated ideas or make the video more lively.

Live Action Video With Motion Graphics
Why explainer video

Where and why is it used?

A live action video is always a great choice for a testimonial explainer. This style focuses on creating trust and being relatable. That is also the purpose of a testimonial video. Motion graphics are able to turn such an explainer into a truly unique experience.

This combination also works great for commercial and promotional video explainers. A live action video with motion graphics enables your audience to get the best of both worlds. The first component offers a real human connection. Alongside it, there is an inventive and informative element of motion graphics. This style is great for explaining complex details.

You can go one step further and replace the actors in a live action video with your employees, existing customers, or yourself! This strategy brings the audience even closer to your company. Whatever you choose to do, a live action video with motion graphics is sure to offer infinite potential to your business.

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