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How do we do it?

Explainer Video Production

We always work in a structured, systematic way. Our goal is to ensure that every step towards explainer video production receives our full attention. These tasks are consequently executed to perfection.

Having a clear layout of separate tasks helps us to communicate with our clients. It allows us to keep them in the loop during the entirety of the process. We can thus guarantee that our clients are involved in all the stages of their explainer video’s production.

There are nine distinct steps that we take in order to produce your final explainer video.

Every one of the nine explainer video production stages has to be approved separately by our clients. Only after receiving their approval do we move on to the next step. Such a system allows us to communicate with them extensively during the explainer video production process. It also minimises the possibility of mistakes or misunderstandings. As a result, the perfect explainer video is produced efficiently and surprisingly quickly.

Explainer video illustration
Explainer video production
Explainer video production
explainer videos process
explainer videos process
explainer videos process
video explainers production
video explainers production
video explainers production
Explainer video production


In order to produce the perfect explainer video, we must figure out the exact goals of your business. Before embarking on our mission, we spend a fair amount of time discussing your product or service with you. Our team must, first of all, paint a clear picture of the market segment that your explainer video is targeting. We carry out a considerable amount of in-depth research before going forward with the next step. We define the video’s target audience and look at its closest competitors. Once that is done, we can create the strategy for achieving the marketing aims of your company.

Script writing

Having a clear marketing strategy allows us to write the script for your explainer video. We employ professional scriptwriters, who are there to ensure that the script aligns perfectly with your business goals. The first version of the script can be revised as many times as it is needed. We keep working until our clients are perfectly happy with the final result.

Creating a storyboard

Our illustrators adapt the finished script to a compelling visual story. To make sure that this story fits the needs of your company, we use storyboards to lay out our ideas. These ideas are introduced to our clients in the form of an illustration sequence. If you are happy with the direction that your explainer video is taking, we move on to the next step. If you are not, we keep on revising our ideas until you give us a thumbs-up.

Style selection

Once you approve the storyboard, we go on to illustrate a couple of its frames using certain animation styles. You might pick these styles yourself, or we might recommend them to you. These frames reflect the final design of your explainer video, as we imagine it at that point. However, if you are not satisfied with this design, we are always ready to revise it.

Illustrations and design

Our illustrators and designers then use your chosen animation style to produce illustrations, animated characters and the overall design of your explainer video. Keep in mind though that some video styles take more time to apply than others. The duration of this stage depends mainly on your final style choice.

Recording the voice-over

We have a variety of professional voice-over talents at hand. They are there to ensure that the message of your explainer video is delivered in the best possible way. Our team can provide you with samples of audio recordings containing various voice-overs. Making your final choice thus becomes a whole lot easier. Once you do that, we record the entirety of the script and check if you are satisfied with it again.


At this stage of the video’s production, our team animates the illustrations that have been created earlier. We want them to run smoothly and tell the story of your business in an engaging, entertaining manner.

Sound design

Applying the right soundtrack to your explainer video can significantly enhance its appeal. The same goes for the proper sound effects. Our illustrators and sound designers work together to ensure that the visual and auditory aspects combine to produce the ultimate effect.

Delivering the finished product

Once your explainer video is finished and approved, we send it to you in your chosen video file format.