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2D animation video

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What is 2D animation?

2D animation videos work within a two-dimensional space. Characters and environments are created by employing perspective as a means of portraying depth.

In a 2D animation video, characters and objects can move up and down, as well as left and right. They cannot move towards or away from the viewer, as is the case with three-dimensional animation. However, some explainer videos work just as well without the 3D effect.

The tools afforded by 2D animation are more than enough to construct an entertaining storyline and create convincing characters. We also couple these elements with a well-written script and professional narration. What our clients get is a simple solution to the dilemma of business promotion or explanation of its inner workings.

2D Animation Video
Why explainer video

Where and why is 2D animation used?

2D animation is one of the most popular explainer video styles out there. This is probably due to the balance between its relatively low cost and high quality. Despite the fact that 2D animation is quite simple, it has all the elements that a great explainer video requires. Such animation is an amazing vehicle for a story.

It also allows our team to create characters that your prospective customers find relatable. It does not burden the audience with additional information and unnecessary details. Instead, this technique goes straight to the core of your business. It delivers the message of your company in an entertaining, attractive and truly illuminating manner.

Whatever explainer video type your company is going for, 2D animation is a great way to reach its goals. The simplicity, originality and creativity behind this technique means that it is often used in promotional and commercial videos. It is also a popular choice amongst up-and-coming businesses and various start-ups. Because a quality 2D animation video is so inventive and captivating, people tend to share it. As the audience of the video grows, so does the popularity of your business.

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