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Commercial Videos

Explainer video types

What are Commercial videos?

One of the four explainer video styles that we offer to our clients is commercial videos. Their goal is to attract new customers to your business and increase sales. While they might seem similar to promotional videos in this respect, the two types are actually very different. Unlike promotional explainers, commercial videos are designed for TV, or similar, audiences. They are extremely short, yet incredibly effective.

Producing a commercial video is not at all an easy task. It has to reach out to your prospective client straight from the screen and create interest in a matter of seconds. As the duration of advertisements on TV, YouTube or similar media outlets is limited, every moment counts in a commercial explainer. Our team knows this better than anyone else. We work tirelessly to produce commercial videos that have the exact intended effect on their audiences.

Despite its short duration, a great commercial video manages to fit all of the crucial information in it. In order to do that, we must first of all make sure that we have that information ourselves. It is necessary for us to have an in-depth understanding of your company in order to produce an effective commercial explainer. For this reason, our team spends a great deal of time discussing their products or services with our commercial clients. Once we are familiar with your business, we can create a strategy that will undoubtedly work in its favour.

Explainer commercial videos

How to choose the right style for your commercial video?

Choosing the right animation style(s) for your commercial video has a huge impact on its success. If your budget allows it, it is a great idea to go for a live action video with motion graphics.

3D animation and stop motion videos can work wonders too. These styles are designed to make a lasting impression on the viewer. The goal of commercial videos is exactly the same, so they are always a good fit. Such explainer videos are pretty much guaranteed to benefit your company if they are in the hands of experienced professionals.

For businesses with a smaller budget, other animation styles can work just as well. For instance, character animation or whiteboard animation are definitely capable of achieving the same effect. Alternatively, you can mix a few styles together and make your commercial video even more memorable!

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