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Promotional Videos

Explainer video types

What are Promotional videos?

Promotional videos differ from the other four explainer video types. Like commercial videos, they are all about creating new customers for your business. Nevertheless, promotional videos are longer than commercial ones and are not designed to be broadcast on TV.

If your company is looking to make its name known, a promotional video is definitely a great choice. In a busy digital marketplace, such a video is often the first step towards establishing a firm client base. Promotional videos are also employed by well-established businesses wishing to introduce a new product or service to their clients.

Before producing your promotional video, our team must, first of all, get to grips with your company, product or service. A promotional video must deliver a short and powerful message that goes straight to the core of your business. Therefore, we start off by discussing your idea with you and making sure that we get it right.

The main idea and your target audience are at the center of our focus. Once we have figured them out, we can start creating the strategy for bringing the two together. This usually takes a fair amount of time. Our team keeps you in the loop at every stage of the creative process. We strive to produce a promotional video that meets all of your expectations.

Explainer promotional video
Explainer Video Types

How to choose the right style for your promotional video?

Another crucial step in the making of a promotional video is deciding which animation style(s) will be applied to it. This decision depends mainly on your budget and the industry branch of your company.

For example, 3D animation is usually the right choice for explainer videos that deal with fields like medicine or architecture. In the former case, it can give your clients a chance to see blood vessels and bones in mesmerizing detail. Architectural companies use 3D animation to present the spatial peculiarities that they deal with to their prospective customers. Such animation offers infinite possibilities to these, and many other, industries.

While some business fields require exceptional realism, others can do without it. Character animation or motion graphics work just as well. They are also more budget-friendly, so lots of startups choose to go for them.

It is also important to remember that you do not have to limit yourself to one animation style. A mixture of two or more styles often produces the most impressive, compelling results.

Promotional videos can give your business a powerful boost. They are intense, dynamic and extremely inventive. Time and time again, we have witnessed our clients attracting numerous new customers to their businesses using promotional explainers.

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