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Stop motion animation video

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What is stop motion animation?

Stop motion animation employs real-life objects that are moved in small increments and photographed. These slight movements are then combined into a video sequence, which creates an illusion of continuous motion.

Stop motion animation has been a fixture in animated movies and short films for years. You are probably familiar with this technique from such onscreen creations as well. Now you can use your own expertly made stop motion video to promote your business! Our team loves the challenge that is stop motion animation, but such videos are definitely not easy to produce.

The process of creating a stop motion video is complicated and tends to take a lot of time. All individual movements of an object have to be photographed separately. Hundreds of slight adjustments are needed in order to create a convincing illusion that the object is moving on its own.

Stop Motion Animation Video
Why explainer video

Where and why is stop motion animation used?

There are no businesses that cannot benefit from a stop motion video. Whichever industry your company represents, it can absolutely attract new customers by employing this gorgeous animation technique. Nevertheless, this result comes at a price and we want our clients to consider it before choosing stop motion animation.

This explainer video style is one of the most expensive styles on offer. Time, patience and effort is needed to put this technique to good use – and its cost reflects this. Photographing every movement of an object also complicates the process of making changes to the finished video. Such changes can result in delays and additional investments – and sometimes they simply cannot be made. For this reason, it is extremely important for us to figure out the details of your stop motion video first. Only then can we start actually producing it.

Even though creating a stop motion video is not at all an easy task, we are always happy to do it. What makes us even happier is seeing our clients achieving their desired results afterwards. In a lot of cases, these results end up exceeding their expectations! There is no better proof that the effort and money that go into stop motion animation really are worth it.

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Explainer video – Vilniaus Vandenys

8 May 2018