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Whiteboard animation video

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What is whiteboard animation video?

Whiteboard animation portrays a story in the process of it being animated. The key features of this technique are a whiteboard, a marker pen and a creative illustrator.

Developed as a playful, innovative story-telling device, whiteboard animation video is now a popular marketing and informational tool. It is used and loved by countless companies all over the world. As whiteboard animation video is one of the most sought-after animation techniques for explainer videos as well, our company is extremely proud to offer this style to our clients.

Prior to starting the process of illustrating, we discuss your unique requirements with you. In order to get your message across in the most effective way, we must first examine and understand it ourselves. Once that is out of the way, ideas start pouring in from our amazing team members. We then write the script, produce a draft of illustrations and record voice-over narration. These elements combine into a whiteboard explainer video that instantly draws the attention of your prospective clients.

Whiteboard Animation Video
Why explainer video

Where and why is whiteboard animation video used?

Are you looking for a simple, yet compelling, explainer video that is guaranteed to bring new customers to your business? Then whiteboard animation might be your best bet. Your clients will get a beautifully animated story, which is as compelling as it is informative. Numerous businesses from various industries go for whiteboard explainer videos. The growing popularity of whiteboard animation proves that it actually produces amazing results.

The secret of the effectiveness of whiteboard animation video is that it is personal, innovative and entertaining. At least that is the case when it is in the hands of experienced professionals. There are numerous whiteboard animation software programs currently available on the market. They are easy to access and come in both paid and free forms.

Nevertheless, we always advise our clients against going all DIY (do it yourself) in this case. Of course, it is possible to make your own whiteboard animation video using the available whiteboard software. The quality of the resulting product, and the time and effort it takes to achieve it, is, however, a different story. Even though the method seems simple, using it in a way that actually achieves its purpose requires years of practice.

This is why we have a team of dedicated professionals waiting to help you make your whiteboard dreams come true. Our team is driven, inventive and evolves constantly due to its efforts to share knowledge, ideas and advice. Not to mention that the cost of our whiteboard animation videos is extremely affordable, while the result is fast and never disappoints.

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