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What is animated explainer video?

Animated explainer video is incredibly effective marketing tool, designed to convey the very essence of your business in just a couple of minutes. With the help of captivating narrative, impressive visuals and straightforward, yet informative, delivery, a great video explainer instantly grabs the attention of your visitors and converts them into paying clients by leaving a truly lasting impression.

Why does animated explainer video work?

Animated explainer video goes straight to the core of your main branding goal – that is, they establish an immediate connection between your company and your clients. Instead of burdening customers with additional information, video explainers pack a real punch by delivering a clear, concise and engaging message. Couple this with some splendid graphics that tell a compelling story, and what you get is a marketing strategy that is guaranteed to hit its target.

How to know which explainer video style suits your brand?

Animated explainer video can easily boost your conversion rates by a whopping 80%, but our company aims even higher by providing you with numerous video styles to choose from. Each of these is specifically tailored to reach a certain audience and promote just about any type of business that you can imagine. If you are looking for a clear-cut video explainer which presents a pragmatic visitor with the key aspects of your business, a screencast video is a great choice. Or do you favour a more light-hearted approach that uses humour and storytelling to get your message across? Then cartoon videos are right for you! Whiteboard animation and motion graphics are perfect for explaining complex concepts in a simple and attractive way. Whatever your business goals, we have the strategy to help you along the road to success.